Mellow Massage offer Berber hammam. With our hammam you will travel thousands of years back in time. Our hammam specialist will take care of you just like a mother will take care of her baby. you will for sure get the baby skin after our hammam. Our recommendation is to do the Hammam treatment first day you arrive to Morocco this to secure nice tan skin that will stay for many weeks.

We only use 100% natural materials based on Argan products, such as argan oil, argan shampo, argan shower gel  and herbs from the mountain. we mix our product our self, both to secure that its 100% natural and also to keep the cost as low as possible.

Our Hammam is an adventure that you both will enjoy and never forget.

right now we offer:

60 min Berber hammam with Body Scrub and 3 kind of body mask for only  30 euro

 Mix hammam 60 min + massage 60 min: 50 euro (one person)

Mix hammam 60 min + massage 60 min for 2 people:  Ask for price on WhatsApp

Mix hammam 60 min + massage 60 min for 3 people and more: Ask for price on WhatsApp

WhatsApp: +212627348506


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